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Sell Your House Fast to Avoid Eviction

So have you received a notice for eviction but you still would like to hold on to your house? An official eviction notice is sent as the last document, which is issued by the court and you will be given it before your property is taken away from you. Getting such a notice could appear to be extremely disheartening especially if there is certain equity in your house and you are in danger of losing it. However, the good thing is that it is seldom too late to salvage your house; there are very many potential circumstances that may aid you to stop the eviction procedure to go ahead. These are:

·   Presenting the court with written down proof that you have been provided a mortgage or even a re-mortgage offer which will take care of all outstanding funds. However, the court should acknowledge this, even though you might have not fulfilled the whole procedure before receiving the notice for eviction.

·   Giving proof to the court from your property agent that you do have sufficient equity in your home and that there is a huge level of curiosity from potential home buyers.

·   Presenting a letter to the court from your property agent or solicitor asserting that you have receive an offer from a buyer to purchase your house. The offer requires to deal with all outstanding cash on the property, including any arrears and costs incurred.

·   Make an application to the court asking it to give you extra time for Selling House Quick. A small fee will be charged for this and the extra time is possibly to be for not more than four weeks.

It might be that you could be running out of time so as to look for potential purchasers to view your house, or in order for you to obtain a buyer or finances to compensate the outstanding funds owed to your debtor. In such a scenario, Cash Buyers of properties could be a blessing in disguise for you to help you to save your house and get rid of your outstanding debts by buying your property with cash. They can give you a solution which is without any difficulties and a solution of guaranteed selling with giving a proof of sale with sufficient time to stop the exclusion. In addition to A Quick Sale, another advantage is that your name would not be blacklisted and moreover your credit rating would stay intact, allowing you to start once again.

Sell Your House Fast to Avoid Eviction

So have you received a notice for eviction but you still would like to hold on to your house? An official eviction notic...

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