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Want to free invested equity?                Need Urgent cash?                Sudden Illness in the family?                Want to stop repossession?                Going through a divorce?

Want to sell your property quickly?

Then you have come to the best place!

Welcome to Fast-sell-home.co.uk, U.K's prominent property buyers. We are the fastest growing 'national homebuyers' and property home buyers. We are cash buyers of repossession property for sell and buy about 300+ houses every year. We buy properties as quickly as possible and free you of all the worries regarding your house sale. With Fast-sell-home.co.uk by your side, your property will be sold at the best price in a matter of days not months!

We are keen about buying properties and houses for cash anywhere within UK, and that is why we offer you the best price in the market and a quick sale for your property and also guarantee that your house will be bought by us within 6-7 days.

We understand that a sell house quickly or sell property quickly is not the best option for everybody and you might be facing challenging situations in life like confronting financial problems, divorce or repossession. Right from the beginning, our approach is completely honest and frank. We offer a guaranteed quick house sale unlike other estate agents who could get a higher price but do not offer guaranteed on selling a house quickly. There are no hidden drawbacks or compulsions on selling house quick or selling property quickly while dealing with us. We offer a very competitive rate with no hidden charges for any of our services, including assessments and legal charges. Moreover, we believe in assisting you find a way out that is appropriate for you personally and helping you to make what can be a demanding and taxing experience of quick sale of home as trouble-free as possible. This is achieved by us by responding to your queries as soon as possible. We have assisted a large number of people to find a way out when they possibly could not one. We always offer our clients with options that are of great help to them and we never compel them to advance unless they think it is right for them. .


Some of the reasons why you should deal with us for a fast house sale or property for quick sale are as follows:

  1. We buy the property ourselves we are no middleman, we buy with our own money.

  2. We are one of the largest fast home selling and quick property sale groups in UK and buy more than 300 small and big properties annually.

  3. Dealing with us involves no difficulty or hassle at all.

  4. All our services are free we do not charge you for a single thing.

  5. We cover the Legal Fees involved in the house sale.

  6. We offer you complete discretion and confidentiality.

  7. No hidden costs involved.

  8. Free Instant quote of your house which you can generate by just contacting us.

  9. We give you a 24 hour guarantee wherein if you are made a final order then the cash will be ready within 24 hours.

  10. We buy your property and stop repossessions and also rent back the same property to you using the 'Sell and Rent back Scheme'.

So, there you have it, 10 simple reasons that make us distinctive from the other so called 'Fast Property Purchase Companies'!!

Over and above all these we understand the fact that a house owner is under 'awkward circumstances' when he/she want to sell the property.

An awkward situation maybe anything be it debt, shortfall of mortgage, illness, divorce, sudden relocation somewhere in abroad or even just the simple fact that you want urgent equity to re-invest somewhere. Whatever maybe the reason everyone likes a simple, straight-forward, non-tedious and quick sale of their property, at the same time also wanting to gain the maximum equity from it.

That is why we consider the problems and issues of our clients as our own problems and work tirelessly towards giving them their "Dream Deal".

How can we assist you?

  • Confronting Financial Problem: Are you facing a financial problem? Do you have debts mounting on you? Do you need to sell house to overcome your debt difficulties? We can help you in these trying times by offering cash for properties and thus solve your debt issues.

  • Going through a divorce: Stressful situations like divorce is always mentally and financially taxing. We can help you through such a demanding situation that over and over again requires a sell a house quick and a stress and trouble free sale at the best possible price.

  • Relocation: A lot of our clients have consulted us wondering “how to sell my property quickly” in order to relocate to another town in the U.K. or moving to another country without going through the trouble of a never ending chain. We help them to sell home fast so that they can relocate quickly and without any hassles.

  • Confronting Repossession: There are challenging times like when you want to stop repossession and require a sell property fast solution so that you can free equity and allow you to bring an end to the legal proceedings by the mortgage giver. We can come to your rescue in such a situation by helping you to stop repossession by selling your property quickly. Leave your house repossessed homes sale to us and we assure you will get the best services from us.

Whatsoever reason you want to sell your property quickly, at fast-sell-home, we have the skill, expertise and experience to help our clients to achieve their goals.

So now that you have more than enough reasons to choose us what are you waiting for.

All you need to do is contact us either by filling the 'Free Instant Quote Form' or by just calling or emailing us.

So, now you don't have to keep looking for someone who can buy your house quickly all you need to do is just click on the link below and all get the fastest and the best fast home sell deal for your property.

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